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Cypress is currently one of the most popular modern frameworks, which has caused many developers and testers to change their architectures to implement it.

In this course, we will see what Cypress is and why it has become quite popular. We’ll go into detail on how Cypress can help us eliminate the complexities of setting up test automation frameworks to simply focus on delivering business value by writing tests instantly.

This course is currently closed, since it has been dictated for the Telus company, you can see the reviews of the students here. If you want us to give this course in the company you work for, please contact us through this link.

What you will learn


About the Instructors

Desarrollador de software, líder de la comunidad de Frontend Developers GT. Ha trabajado por más de 11 años en Javascript utilizando diferentes frameworks. Cuenta con experiencia en el área de desarrollo, implementación y aseguramiento de calidad de software. Certificaciones: CSM | CSPO | CSD por Scrum Alliance, Kanban Practitioner por Kanban University, OpenJS Node.js Application Developer.


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